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Rob [userpic]
by Rob (lost_in_my_room)
at July 28th, 2005 (08:47 am)
current mood: busy


this is one of your friendly saturdaysextips mods. glad you found us. welcome. this community is here for your (and our) enjoyment. we are here to talk about sex, lots of sex, amazing sex. but wait, there's a difference here. what we want to talk about is the special occasions. sure, we all enjoy the "she looked so hot in that shirt that i had to bend her over the couch and..." stories, but what this community is about is the "so she came in wearing a top hat and whipped cream" stories. these are the sex stories where you or your partner(s) did something a little extra for each other.

what we're trying to do is give each other ideas and assistance. we want to be able to have at least one night a week where there is no going out to the clubs, there is no watching reality TV, there is no getting wasted and playing video games. this is strictly "shut up and fuck me" night.

"shut up and fuck me" night can be as simple as wearing the hockey jersey of his favorite team, or as complex as setting up a party to be passed around at. what we want to know is what was good, what kind of setup was needed and what you would do differently if you had the chance to do it again. you poured champaign on her naked body in the tub? awesome. you wish you had strawberries added to the mix, even better.

tell us what you did, tell us ideas you have, tell us EVERYTHING

have good sex, everyone :)

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